What Is An Epc? And Why Do You Need One?

What is an EPC? And why do you need one?

I will start with an apology because EPCs or Energy Performance Certificates, to give them their full title are not a particularly interesting subject to Blog about, BUT if you are selling a property or are the landlord of a property you MUST have one in place. It has been the law since 2008.

So what is an EPC ?

Quite simply an EPC is an assessment by a qualified and accredited assessor that shows information about the typical energy costs associated with that property and recommendations about how to reduce energy use. It shows how efficiently the property uses energy and its carbon footprint. It looks like those multi coloured stickers that you get on household appliances.

Band A is clearly a home that is super efficient and will be cheaper to run and warmer than its G rated equivalent. It would probably be a new build property or one that has been modernised with efficiency in mind. Whilst G, well lets just say with a G rated property you best get yourself some decent thermals for those chilly winter days and a warm cosey night in may cost you a small fortune.

Who's responsibility is it to get an EPC?

As the seller or as a landlord it is your responibility to obtain the EPC certificate. As a seller you need one to show perspective buyers and as a landlord you need one to show perspective tennants. Your property can not be and will not be marketed or sold without a valid EPC certificate. Failure to have a valid EPC can result in a fine.

Whats involved?

An accredited assessor will come out to your home and take a look around. There is no need to do anything except allow them access. They will look at such things as the windows, doors, heating system, boiler and loft. You may wish to point out any energy saving modifications that you have made. An average home will take around 40 minutes but this depends on the size and features of the property and can take longer. Once produced the certificates are valid for a period of 10 years. If your property already has a valid EPC certificate but you have made modifications that improve its efficiency then you should have another EPC produced.

Can Chambers Estates and Letting Agents arrange an EPC?

Yes we can. Chambers Estate and Letting Agents can provide you with an EPC and take the stress out of finding an accredited assessor. We only use assessors who we know are reliable and trustworthy and who we work alongside on a regular basis.

Contact us now to discuss your EPC needs.


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