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Sheaf Lane

14 August 2018

Sheaf Lane

Our clients on Sheaf Lane, Sheldon were looking to sell their 3 bed semi detached home. They were a young, busy couple and it was important to keep disruption to their lives at a minimum. It was...

Why hasnt your property sold?

8 February 2018

Why Hasnt Your Property Sold?

There can be a number of reasons that your property didn't sell last year. Some properties just take longer to sell than others. I find as I speak to clients who have previously marketed with...

Home staging ideas

12 October 2017

Home Staging Ideas

Home staging is so so important when you are selling a property. The old saying first impressions count really do when it comes to selling your home. When you sell your home you are not just...

Have you considered an open house event?

7 September 2017

Have You Considered An Open House Event?

Whether you're working, working from home, stay at home parent or just enjoying retirement it can be difficult to find a spare half an hour. When selling your house viewings from potential...

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